A Pair of Profile Portraits of a Young Couple





Attributed to Jasper Miles (1782-1849), Palmyra, NY

c. 1812

Oil on panel in period gilt frame with contemporary gilded wood mats

Each 9" x 7"

Asa Ransome Swift (1791-1822) and Fawnia Cole Swift (1791-1880); accompanied by a portrait of Fawnia’s brother. Asa Swift was the son of General John Swift born in Kent, Litchfield County, Connecticut, June 17th, 1761. After serving with honor in the Revolutionary War followed by the Battle of Wyoming in northern Pennsylvania, he was able to purchase two townships in Genesee Country, New York in 1789. He opened the first trading post and moved his family there as the first settlers of what would become Palmyra, New York. These portraits came to us directly from descendants of the Swift family.

For many years paintings by this hand were attributed to “Mr Boyd”. Recent research along with a signed example of the artists’ work has identified the artist as Jasper Miles. See David Allaway, “Jasper Miles – 19th c. Portrait Artist,” Magazine Antiques (July/August 2016).