Child in a White Dress Holding a Basket of Berries: Portrait of Betsey Avery Brewster (1798-1838)

John Brewster, Jr. (1766-1854), Hampton, Connecticut

c. 1800

oil on canvas

31” x 22”; in a period carved and gilded frame

Signed on top stretcher “J. Brewster Limner”


Dr. John (1739-1823) and Ruth Avery (1754-1823) Brewster, Hampton, Connecticut, parents of sitter

Betsey A. Brewster Prentiss (1798-1838), Hampton, Connecticut, sitter

Eliza A. Prentiss Dudley (1817-1898), Worchester, Massachusetts, daughter

Louisa M. Dudley Manning (1842-1912), Worchester, Massachusetts, daughter

Paul Dudley Manning (1883-1944), Worchester, Massachusetts, son

Paul Dudley Manning, Jr. (1916-1986), Worchester, Massachusetts, son

G.W. Samaha, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts


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