Fraktur Certificate for “Cadarina Bahm” (SOLD)

“Otto School” Fraktur with a Central Heart flanked by two large
parrots & encircled with vines of tulips and flowers w/4 smaller
corner hearts below a large compass star design and the name
“Cadarina Balm”

OttoConserved  DSC07924  DSC07642  DSC07618  DSC07926

Pennsylvania, possible Centre County

circa 1808-20

Watercolor and ink on paper

13 x 16 inches in a 19th c. black painted frame

Provenance: Purchased by a Center county, PA collector from Clark Garrett in the 1980's. It was never framed. Many of the floral motifs and the compass star element strongly relate to the work of Henrich Otto. The parrots vary from Otto's parrots. The eyes are round not oval in shape and the tail is different in design. The paper bears the watermark of Christian and Joseph Bauman according to Clarence Spohn. The "C' and "J" are visible within a cloud-like circular design. This mark suggests the dates for the paper circa 1808-1814.