Mountain Mary (SOLD)

Mountain Mary carved figure

Mountain Mary carved figure

Marshall Rumbaugh


carved and painted lindenwood

Ht. 26 ½”, W. 12”, D. 3 ¾”

Signed and dated “Marshall Rumbaugh 2022”


Anna Maria Jung (Young) was born in Germany about 1749. Several years before the American Revolution she immigrated to Pennsylvania with her family, but her parents and brother died of disease on the passage over. She and her two sisters acquired a small farm in the Oley Hills of Berks County. Her two sisters having married local men, Mary was left to tend the farm by herself which she did for the rest of her life.
She kept a few cows, made and sold butter and cheese, and also kept beehives and sold honey. But she was best known as a healer, both of people and animals. She collected wild herbs from which she made medicines.  Travelling the countryside she ministered to the sick and dying. She died in 1819 and her funeral procession was the largest that had taken place in Pike Township until then, a tribute to the admiration she inspired among the people she had faithfully served for so long.