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Trade Sign, “A. Smith Inn & Store” (SOLD)

Trade Sign, “A. Smith Inn & Store” (SOLD)

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A rare and important sign for ” A. Smith’s Inn & Store” depicting the image of Justice as a child holding scales.  The Inn and Store operated in Addison, Vermont from 1824 to the mid 1830’s.


Dimensions: H 69 1/2", W 39 1/4"
Date / Circa: 1824
Maker / Origin: Addison, Vermont
Medium: Painted pine with iron strapping.
Miscellaneous: Sheldon Peck resided in Bridport in the 1820's and advertised as a sign painter. Stylistic similarities could suggest that perhaps he was the painter of this sign. Illustrated: Always in Season: Folk Art and Traditional Culture in Vermont, p. 115. Provenance: Judy Lenett

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