Portrait of William Edward Haxtun

Ammi Phillips portrait boy

Ammi Phillips portrait boy

Tear Sheet

Ammi Phillips (1788-1865), Beekman, New York

c. 1839

oil on canvas

39" x 31"

reverse with partial stamp jOHN & DAN.../ BELFAST; reverse of frame with modern hand-written not on masking tape SARAH ANN BRUNDIGE/ 2 YRS. OLD 1840 [Sarah Ann Brundige (1838-1913) was the future wife of the sitter. It seems likely that the writer of this note, probably a later owner, assumed the dress indicated a girl and thus identified the sitter as a female ancestor]

Provenance: Elnathan Haxtun (1795-1862), Beekman, New York, father of the sitter; William Edward Haxtun (1832-1900), Beekman, New York and Kewanne, Illinois, the sitter; Annis B. (Haxtun) Strong (1864-1941), Portland, Oregon, daughter; Frederick Haxtun Strong (1895-1968), Portland, Oregon, son; Lillian W. (Neff) Strong (1904-1997), Portland, Oregon, wife; George Trowbridge STrong (1920-2000), step-son; Thence by descent

Literature: Allaway, My People: The Works of Ammi Phillips (2021), vol. 1, p. 267, no. 806, vol. II, p. 76.