In addition to maintaining a large and varied inventory of American folk art, furniture, and decorative objects, Olde Hope offers a wide range of services to collectors, designers and those looking to sell similar items. For collectors, we advise on the selection process, either through auction or private purchase, of pieces that fit the interests and focus of the buyer. We examine items for authenticity and quality and bid on behalf of the collector when requested. After the sale we arrange for pick-up, delivery, and installation as well as any repairs or restoration that might be needed. Designers, as well as collectors, often ask our assistance in locating items that fill a particular need on a project. With over 40 years of experience, in the field of design as well as antiques, we have a broad network of sources for both period works of art and furnishings as well as the leading craftsmen when a custom piece is needed. We also recognize the importance of the proper frame on a work of art and can assist in the selection, acquisition, or production of a frame that will best enhance your artwork. When the time comes to ‘downsize’ or disperse a collection we are well equipped to work with clients in ways that will bring the greatest return. Whether that is through brokering select pieces to our private clients or working with other dealers or auction houses, we assess each situation for the best approach. It has been our pleasure to handle major collections at auction as agent for the seller in negotiating the best terms as well as working on the catalogue entries, design, and promotion. This business is based on relationships, and it has been our great pleasure to have developed many friendships over the years with collectors, dealers, designers, auctioneers, and others in the field of arts and design. Through mutual trust and respect we look forward to continuing that tradition.