Squanto and Samoset

Marshall Rumbaugh Pilgrims Indians Marshall Rumbaugh Pilgrims Indians

Marshall Rumbaugh Pilgrims Indians

Tear Sheet

Marshall Rumbaugh (b. 1948)


carved and painted lindenwood

Ht. 18”, W. 48”, D. 3 1/8”

Signed and dated “Marshall Rumbaugh 2022”


Artist Statement:

Both Squanto and Samoset were particularly helpful to the Mayflower Pilgrims during the first difficult years of the Plymouth Colony’s existence.  Years before the Pilgrims arrived in Southern New England, Squanto had been captured by an English explorer and sold as a slave in Spain.  He was later bought by an Englishman and taken to England.  His owner so liked him that he gave Squanto his freedom and, at Squanto’s request, returned him to his North American homeland.  Squanto’s knowledge of English made him an invaluable liaison between the Native Americans and the Mayflower Pilgrims when they arrived.  In fact, he lived with the Pilgrims for almost two years, showing them how to plant corn among other things.

Unfortunately, this early cooperation was not to be continued as conflicts grew between the two groups, as more and more English arrived and the Native Americans were forced from their lands.